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I am currently accepting editing and coaching projects!

Please contact me for availability and pricing.

It started as beta reading for friends and proofreading for acquaintances but soon bloomed into a passion for helping other writers realize their potential and reach their goals.

Let's work together to make your words shine!


Coaching is conversation, either in person or remote, where we dig deep to understand the foundation and establish the next steps in your writing. What kind of a writer are you? Where are you in your process? What “lights the fire” of inspiration and joy for you? What hurdles stand between you and publication? How can we jump them? I believe in the power of words and have a passion for working with others to get theirs heard.

I have a list of questions for you to answer beforehand to help me understand where you are and make the most of our time.



This is a look at the project with a wide lens, checking consistency and plot pacing, pointing out anything confusing or distracting. Do we need more description? Is there too much exposition? Does the beginning grip? Does the ending satisfy? Developmental editing is a quest to make the writing as dynamic as possible.


I’ll have you answer some questions beforehand to help us both fully understand what you want to accomplish with the project to ensure that we get there.



With a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb, I examine the words on the page to identify technical errors with grammar, punctuation, and format as well as the clarity, flow, and beauty of each sentence. Nothing matters more to me than your voice being heard, therefore I respect each writer’s personal style and will never try to substitute mine for yours.

This edit will also include a second pass, after acceptance or rejection of my changes, to answer any of your questions and clean the manuscript of any mark-up.



If you would like both editing services, I offer a combination of my Developmental Edit and the Copy and Style Edit at a discounted price as well as a free half-hour coaching session to map out your next steps.

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