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About Me

I found my love for story telling on a Tuesday at 10 AM in Mrs. Nations' third grade class.

Though I struggled with dyslexia, and nearly failed English class on many occasions, dyslexia was also the fuel to my creativity. What made words not sit right on the page also filled my head with a never-ending stream of fiction. My love of stories allowed me to overcome the challenges that came with telling them. 

Once I realized I COULD write, I never stopped. I was even presented with a BA in English with a writing emphasis from Biola University in 2013.

Nowadays, I live in California with a husband, two male padawans, some houseplants, and a moderately impressive collection of semi-functional typewriters. 

In addition to writing, I have also found much joy in helping others navigate their story-telling journeys, be it through coaching, editing, or chatting over a cup of tea. 

You will find me writing blog posts and novels, editing, and leading critique group whenever those don't interfere with kissing boo-boos and playing "Netflix Roulette" with my husband.

To learn more about me and my journey as an author, you can


visit my blog

check out my upcoming books

or get in touch by sending a message.

Thanks for being here!


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