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A great power once ruled her people.

Now, Aenya's connection to it

is a danger to everyone.

Elriyon is a kingdom in peril. Founded in tradition, it has traded wisdom for brute strength and pride. Here, sixteen-year-old Aenya struggles to find her path, torn between the way things were and the harsh realities of the present.


After years of training, she was expected to become an honored member of Elriyon's elite warriors--but she couldn't have been a worse choice. Driven by mysterious visions, Aenya's destiny lies elsewhere. A reckoning is coming to Elriyon, and the truth will not stay hidden much longer.


As the country drifts toward rebellion, Aenya flees from her family and responsibilities. Her desperate search for safety reveals a darkness that is spreading faster than she can run. Soon she finds herself far from home, where something ancient and mighty is stirring.


At a crossroads, Aenya must choose between fighting for her people or finally being free.

Cover illustration by Marquise Nurse-Williams

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"Readers will love complex characters, exotic landscapes, and (of course) fantastic creatures."


-Tiffany Vakilian, President of The San Diego Book Awards.

"It's high adventure with a touch of romance,

and highly recommended

for all fantasy fans."


-Michael Penman, Editor, The Crossover Alliance

This isn't about heroes but instead the choices and consequences that bring the hero alive inside each one of us. Darcara brings fresh air to epic fantasy storytelling.

-Brae Wyckoff, President of Kingdom Creativity International